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A Wonderful Life in Farmington Valley, Connecticut

Bordering Litchfield County and along the boundary of Connecticut's Hartford County, is Farmington Valley. Five towns make up the Farmington Valley, namely Farmington, Avon, Canton, Granby, and Simsbury. The Farmington River, which runs through it, is one of the legendary attractions in the area.

People continue to admire Farmington Valley for its outstanding parks, restaurants and shopping malls, art galleries, golf courses, hiking trails, and paved bicycle paths. It also has a timeless New England charm to it and is close to many business centers. And because it's near the state's capital, Hartford, it's a short drive to the picturesque coastal city, New Haven.

Five Things to do In Connecticut

5 Aug 2021

Making a trip to Connecticut? Looking for things to do while visiting The Constitution State? Rich historical roots and Northeastern luxury vibes make for plenty of attractions. Here are a few ideas for different kinds of travelers:

Connecticut for Lovers

Couples can find romance around every corner in Connecticut. One of the most memorable experiences in the New England region is sailing along the coast.

Lovers rave about their experiences aboard Argia Mystery Cruises. The Argia is an 81-foot schooner from Mystic, CT. One of the last sailing ships in the region, the vessel is Coast Guard inspected for safety.

Sailing in Fishers Island Sound’s calm waters is ideal for sunbathing on the luxurious deck. Sip wine while the crew tells you of local sea folklore and legend. Bring your camera to capture the lighthouses and stunning views. Prospective sailors can reserve half-day and sunset cruises by contacting the crew at 860-536-0416.

For the Adventure Seeker

In Middlefield, Connecticut, outdoor enthusiasts love Wadsworth Falls State Park. Hike or mountain bike miles of trails dotted with waterfalls and history. Follow the path to the scenic overlook and learn about the past of Wadsworth Falls State Park.

The park got its name from Clarence C. Wadsworth, who donated the land to the government in 1942. He spent 40 years of his life preserving this beautiful place. Take in the 267-acre grounds with a packed picnic lunch. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit and a fishing pole to enjoy designated swimming and fishing areas.

Family Fun in Connecticut

In Norwalk, CT, your family should explore The Maritime Aquarium. Roam the ongoing or special event exhibits, or even take part in interactive animal encounters as a family.

You could even choose to cruise on a catamaran. Seeing seals and shorebirds with your children creates lifelong memories. Bring the kids to Maritime’s 4D theater. It shows 4D movies about the ocean's creatures and it also shows popular animated children's movies.

The Ultimate New England Food Experience

Few things are as quintessentially Connecticut as fresh New England clams. Restaurant recommendations are easy to come by, but travelers looking for a more hands-on experience can find their own seafood.

A local who knows all the best spots can teach you to harvest your dinner. Get your feet wet and fill your bucket with clams to enjoy with a nice glass of wine. Even if you’re on vacation, you can always check your Forex trading. Make sure you have Wi-Fi available in the restaurant.

Discover a Revolutionary War Battlefield

History fans should find their way to Fort Griswold Battlefield Park. A cell phone tour is available for those who prefer guidance. The grounds of Fort Griswold, in Groton Heights, are home to relics from the Revolutionary War.

Take in the park’s battle-worn fields, and surround yourself in the history of the United States. Pack a lunch and explore all day. The best part about Fort Griswold is that entry is completely free!

There’s something for everyone, so try out these five things to do in Connecticut during your trip, then keep on adventuring. Happy travels!

Arts and Culture in Farmington Valley

28 Jul 2021

The arts and culture scene is thriving in Farmington Valley, and the area has its own orchestra and choir. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the local galleries and museums. The Farmington Valley Arts Center has 20 artist studios, and it is possible to buy local artworks.

Visiting Farmington Valley

16 Jun 2021

Farmington Valley is a charming place to visit and is suitable for a few days on holiday. Cyclists in particular will enjoy exploring the scenic pathways. Accommodations include hotels, inns, and motels. The Avon Old Farms Hotel is a great option and even hosts New England-style weddings.

Exploring Farmington Valley

10 May 2021

Outdoor activities abound in the Farmington Valley area. A popular option is river-tubing. Keen anglers will also enjoy the variety of fishing spots. The more adventurous can take on the 25 mile Farmington Valley Greenway & Farmington River Trail. Children are well catered for with a theme park.